Diana, 49 Year Old From Italy

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Diana 49 y.oΒ 

Italy, MilanΒ 

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I am Diana, I am not a perfect woman. I believe that perfection is only in love and in the heart. I like to take risks for love. I never give anything in half because I don't like simple or incomplete love relationships. I like a true love, a sincere and loyal love. The harmony within me allows me to perceive experiences as learning, whether good or bad, that's what life is about, it is the key to my inner peace. The first impression allows a warmer approach to a person, which is why I think you should smile at adversities. I enjoy the beauty of the beach, as well as being able to see the sun and feel the warm aroma of nature. The art of cooking fascinates me day by day, just like the books that allow me to travel to other countries or worlds, I can lose myself for hours, but always keeping my feet on the ground. I am that woman who likes to fight to see a better world. Finally I want you to know the motto that governs me, "my family is the sustenance of my life"

I'm Looking for Man, 20 years and older

I am looking for a man who is serious, but who makes me laugh when it is time to have fun, responsible, who is not afraid to start again, who ventures to know the new, I am not looking for a man for his money, I want a gentleman who is willing to be for me as I will be for him, that love is mutual. Values ​​are very important to me, so I am looking for an honest man, who can trust him, and who is willing to fight, I want a determined man, who completes everything he starts and leaves nothing in half. That you can enjoy walks on the beach holding hands, an evening by candlelight with the dishes that I will prepare with great pleasure, as well as family gatherings enjoying interesting anecdotes of life, because I long to have that companion who is with me in all those adventures that we have left to live, such as traveling the world, or a gesture as simple as enjoying that warmth that makes me feel his presence by my side when we go to sleep.

About Me

Live in:Β Milan

Work as: Lawyer and architect

Education: Graduate degree

Know: English, Spanish, Italian

Relationship: Divorced

Have kids: No

Smoke: Never

Drink: Occasionally


Body type: Curvy

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Blond

My Interests

Fashion, Cooking, Reading books, Lying on the beach, Nature.

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