Anna, 31 Year Old From Poland

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Anna, 31 y.o.

Poland, Poznan

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I am a cheerful, romantic, loving my family girl. Since childhood I have been engaged in ballroom dancing.Dance for me is not only physical effort, perseverance and will, but also joy, a source of inspiration, a source of good mood. I am studying at the university at the Faculty of Management and Business Management. I have a hobby. I do make-up. I love when women look natural and beautiful with makeup.

I'm Looking for Man, 25 years and older

I have always chosen love: to believe in it, to go to it. Love is not making decisions for another person. Love is not completely guiding a partner's life. Love is support and acceptance.If I'm with you, it's not because I need to. It's because I love you and I want to take care of you. That's how love should be. This is how healthy relationships should be.

About Me

Live in: Poznan

Work as: Student

Education: College

Know: English

Relationship: Single

Have kids: No

Smoke: Never

Drink: Never

Height: 5'5"

Body type: Normal

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Blond

My Interests

Nature, Sports, Travelling.

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