Halifa, 29 Year Old From Lebanon

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Halifa, 29 y.o.

Lebanon, Tripoli

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The proud is always offended. The humble person is never angry because nothing offends him. The proud seeks a special love for himself. The humble loves himself, expecting nothing in return. I was raised in the village in a very loving family, and I use any possibility to get closer to nature, to have picnics with friends, to travel to the sea, to see the sunset, to listen to the birds' songs. I hardly get angry at people, and when I face a challenge I always treat it with confidence. I value kindness and honesty above all qualities in people.I remember how I stood in the bathroom for five years, holding a round comb in my hand and in front of the mirror sang and talked something into it. Mom, as a creative person (she is a conductor by education) immediately saw all this and encouraged the realization of my aspirations. But I managed to work as a waiter, a bartender, and a choreography teacher. And he accidentally ended up in the theater academy, where he later became the best graduate in a competition of.

I'm Looking for Man, 20 years and older

I am looking for an intelligent, purposeful man who has big plans for life and a loving heart for me. It is important for me that he is truthful, active and caring. I need a reliable partner for a happy family life.I like the strength of character and temper. A real man should be cheerful and serious, attentive and caring.It doesn't matter what age difference we can have, the main is our love and respect.I believe I have this natural energy to make my man very happy! I do not really care how old you are, I know our soul never gets old.

About Me

Live in: Tripoli

Work as: Actress

Education: College

Know: Arabic, English

Relationship: Single

Have kids: No

Smoke: Never

Drink: No

Height: 5'9"

Body type: Athletic

Eyes: Hazel

Hair: Black

My Interests

Nature, Movies, Fashion, Travelling, Cars.

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